LEADS Marketing & PR Agency

Give your brand a voice

About Us

Who We Are

LEADS is a subsidiary marketing agency following Target Middle East group.
We aim to market your company in the most efficient way via performing best methodologies from scratch to build up the strategy that fits your needs.
Giving your brand a VOICE is what we’re
looking for!

Vision & Mission

LEADS aspires to be the biggest B2B marketing agency in the middle east and African region to all companies who crave to grow their business to be a world-class competitor.

Our mission is to transform Middle Eastern &
African businesses to develop & adopt modern
and effective marketing approaches .
With the aim to make them true competitors of
world-class companies.

Our Process

  • Step 1

    Market Research

  • Step 2

    Competitive & SWOT Analysis

  • Step 3

    Target Segmentation

  • Step 4

    Marketing Strategy Building

  • Step 5

    Strategy Execution & Reporting

Sample portfolio

Our Partners