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Leads marketing and PR agency is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Cairo, Egypt since 2019.

We will not rely on memorized and consumed words to express ourselves and our company, and say that it is the best agency that provides marketing services and advertising campaigns in Egypt.

But we will try to explain the scenario to you in a unique manner, especially because we always feel with our clients that they are a part of us and truly our second family, so we work with them with all love, harmony, and comfort to achieve all of their goals and more than they expect.

We are one community, and we all follow the same rules and strategies, but each of us has our style and method that distinguishes him and makes him unique in his field.

We believe in creativity, innovation, and keeping up with everything new to meet your various needs, and we think that is why we have been able to prove our success with many clients in different industries in the market, so leave it to us!

We understand that we play a significant role in the digital industry, so we are constantly improving our expertise and strategies to excel in a highly competitive world.

To be one of Egypt’s top ten advertising agencies over the next five years is our Vision.




01. Marketing Analysis.

Market Research.

Analyzing how effective the Egyptian market (target market) is for the selected business by the following steps :

Analyzing history of this business in the market.

Analyzing the volume of this business in the market at current time.

Analyzing the volume of competency in the market for this business.

Studying marketing methodologies used for this business over the years in the selected market.

Competitive Analysis.

Listing all competitors in the market concerning our business.

Classifying the selected competitors based on their marketing presence volume, reputation, quality, channels …etc

Complete analysis for top performers’ marketing approaches for the business.

Analyzing their weakness & strength points in order to build-up a strong mindset when it comes to brand SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis.

Studying all of our brand’s current marketing approaches & presence.

Listing its main strength & weakness marketing approaches.

Writing down a corrective action for weakness points with an action plan to optimize all weaknesses & drawing an action plan to take strength points to the next level.

Studying strength & weakness points of top competitors in order to claim them as opportunities or avoid them as threats.

Determining our competitive edges & start planning our brand’s positioning plan.

02. Building-Up Strategy.

Target Segmentation.

Classifying our market into several sectors/segments based on their demographics & psychographics.

Drawing our business’s buyer persona (Characteristics of our main buyer)

Targeting a specific marketing segment that best fit our buyer persona’s main demographics ( as age, location, gender) & psychographics (as their digital behavior, their interests… etc)

Determining the Message.

Completely studying the product we’re trying to offer to the specified target audience.

Turning our product’s main competitive edge into a message for the customer.

Crafting the message through workshops in order to obtain best practically-fit language copy for the selected audience.

Preparing Materials.

Reforming all current marketing materials that don’t fit our image, message, identity … etc.

Creating all needed digital, offline materials needed for our marketing campaigns such as designs, brochures, flyers, roll-ups… etc.

Writing down all content needed for the product’s campaigns both in digital & traditional platforms.

Action Planning.

Identifying all digital/traditional marketing approaches to obtain our main objective whether it’s branding or hard selling.

Breaking down each approach into several steps for a complete approach-accomplish satisfaction.

Preparing a monthly/quarter plan for all steps for different approaches for a sustainable execution behavior.

03. Execution & Reporting.

Digital Execution

Applying the detailed action plan into different digital channels planned to be useful for the brand’s business such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In.

Complete monitoring of the paid ads in different digital channels to obtain best performing ads.

Gradual analysis/optimization for the paid ads to obtain best cost/benefit ratio for each ad.

Day-by-day Follow-up

Following-up the target audience’s reactions & engagements on the marketing campaign.

Using their continuous feedback to enhance all of our marketing materials and adjust planning based on feedback.

Performance Assessment

Daily performance assessment for the marketing activities based on different factors:

Objective accomplish (Sales for example)

Customer feedback & satisfaction.

Regular statistics for the industry in the ads section performance.


Weekly/monthly reports analyzing the following points:-

Our main objectives for the specified period.

Our detailed progress in order to obtain these objectives.

Numeric/Strategic results of the progress.

Upcoming plan based on the results.


Marketing Services

Interacting with your customers is one of the most important things you can do on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap chat, and other platforms.

we provide:

  • Branding

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Building-up Strategy

  • Action Planning
  • Content Creation & Digital Management
  • Designs

  • Media Buying
  • Implementation

Production Studio

We provide you with all kinds of video production and photography services.

  • Social Video Production

  • TV ads

  • Educational Programs and Courses

  • Product Photography

Creative Studio

based on social media research and knowledge of your target audience and brand, Our creative team creates the brand identity

  • Logos

  • Flyers

  • Business Card

  • Catalogue

  • Brochures

  • Posters

Marketing Research

In a variety of markets, we conduct extensive research and prepare reports.

Analyze market activity to provide companies with new and in-depth market insights into their marketing campaigns.

We share insights via reports, graphs, etc.